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Grade 6 Update 12.10.16

Posted on December 10, 2016

Dear Kitah Vav Families,
      This week your students are assigned to practice reading The Blessing Before the Haftarah, aiming for accuracy and smooth reading.  We have worked on this blessing in class this week and last.  Please have your child call into my Google Voice (617 410-8145) and read this Haftarah Blessing ( I call it HB1).  In January we will begin reading and practicing the Blessing After the Haftarah (HB2). 
      Sunday, Dec. 11, will find Kitah Vav/Grade 6 working on two art projects; one is a for the temple community and the other is a gift for your family.  I am attaching the “Family Blessing” worksheet for you to do in collaboration with your student.  Some of you have already done this, and I thank you.  If you have not, please be sure to print, complete, and send the sheet in to school for Sunday’s project. Todah rabbah.
      This Sunday students should wear clothing to paint in; the older the better!  Thanks.

      Rav Elana