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Grade 1: Alef SHEMA 11-20-16

Posted on November 21, 2016

Dear alef families:
Thank you for attending our shema workshop, a continuation of the discussion and book we began last week.  I read First I Say the Shema with the class.    Rachel Arcus-Goldberg led the program, showing breathing techniques using the letters sh-mm-aa to relax.  She also read Bedtime Shema to the class. Everyone decorated a pillowcase imprinted with the Shema.  Students added their names in Hebrew.
Rachel reminded everyone to set the colors by ironing it or putting it in the dryer for 30 minutes.  There are pillowcases in the office for absentees.
Students also made an imprint of their hands on kippot, including for the absentees.  In December, the will paint them.

HEBREW:  Our Hebrew letter for today is ר“resh,” which is the first letter in “rabbi,” Rosh Hashanah, “rechevet,” (railroad), and “ruach,” (wind or spirit).
We began a discussion on thankfulness.  Each child got a paper (which I also emailed to you with photos of today’s program).  I hope that you will discuss these ideas over the holiday.

PLEASE NOTE—There is no Sunday class the next two Sundays.  On December 4, teachers will attend the Limmud educators’ conference.  Our next class is on Sunday, December 11.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Judy and Cheryl (Esther and Tzipporah)