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Grade 6/Kitah Vav Nov. 9, 2016

Posted on November 10, 2016

Dear Kitah Vav Parents,
      We continue to work on Hebrew reading accuracy and fluency.  The November reading is a prayer called Ya-aleh v’Yavo which is found in the festival Amidah.  We have numbered the lines, and each week students should practice three new lines. Last week 1-3, and this week 4-6.
      November will also find us working on the Ashrei Blessing.  The students seem to know the first four verses and then fall off.  This prayer is chanted at each of our three daily services, and it would be wonderful for students to participate in each other’s Bnai Mitzvah by leading Ashrei for their classmate.
      We have begun delving into the four prayers that students will be representing when they create colorful panels that express the message of the prayer.  Our four are:  the prayer for Torah study, Modeh/Modah Ani, Mah Tovu, and Elohai Neshamah sh’na-tata bi Tahorah Hi.  Students will collaborate in groups of three to design their panel.
       This Sunday, Nov. 13, is the first of three Sundays dedicated to the whole school art project.
However, Kitah Vav will participate from 9 to 10am, and then you will be joining them at TI for your first Family B’nai Mitzvah Program.  I hope to see you there.
       Whenever you know that your child will be absent, please alert me or Robin by email or phone.  Thanks.  Sunday, November 20, is our next day dedicated to designing and transferring the designs of our four prayers to a paper panel, then on Dec. 11 we paint.
        Wishing all a very sweet Shabbat.
        Rav Elana