May 25, 2024 |

Grade 6 – Trope Update from Ken

Posted on November 3, 2016

Great to see BOTH trope classes this week, on Tuesday AND Wednesday!

Great to have Justin join us on Tuesday and Arianna on Wednesday!

For next time, students should (if they don’t already) have flashcards for all the trope (see list below)
They should make sure to know the name of each symbol, the melody (or melodies), and which other trope it belongs with.
They should listen to tracks 1-11 on the CD or website, and follow along with pages 3-7 in the packet.

On Tuesday we learned/reviewed/highlighted families 1-5 in class, and we’ll try to get to the last 5 families next week.  
On Wednesday we finished learning/reviewing/highlighting families 1-10, and introduced ourselves to the trope song on p. 7.
Soon we’ll be applying the trope to actual Torah portions.
Thanks, and please let me know if you have questions–
Cantor Ken
Trope: (in order that they appear in the packet)
  1. Mercha
  2. Tipcha
  3. Munach
  4. Etnachta
  5. Sof Pasuk
  6. Kadma
  7. Mapach
  8. Pashta
  9. Katon
  10. Yetiv
  11. Kadma V’azla (I recommend making one card with both of this trope pair on it)
  12. Munach with the line after it (as in 5a)
  13. Revi’i
  14. Darga
  15. Tevir
  16. Telisha Ketana
  17. Telisha Gedola
  18. Pazer
  19. Azla Geresh
  20. Gershayim
  21. Zakef Gadol
  22. Zarka
  23. Segol
You can see pictures of most of the trope on my friend and colleague’s website if that is helpful in recognizing the trope symbol.  (occasionally he and I use different variants of the names)