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Grade 1 – Kitah Alef. Shabbat introduction October 30, 2016

Posted on October 31, 2016

Dear kitah alef families:

In tefillah, all the students came together to act out the morning blessings.  In the future, the entire school will create something based on these blessings.
Today we began our unit on Shabbat.  I brought in my own shin candelabra, challah cover, and my grandfather’s Kiddush cup.  We practiced the blessings.
STORY:  We read Shabbat.  The children helped me with rhymes of how a family prepares for and celebrates Shabbat. 
Gretchen Brandt’s Gesher class presented the story of Creation.  See the letter I sent out separately with pictures.  The class was enthralled by their wonderful presentation.  Then we all sang “I Did Very Good Work Today” about the days of Creation.
CRAFT:   Students created a Shabbat counter to count the days of the week until Shabbat, the only day to have a name, not a number (unlike Yom Rishon, Yom Sheni, etc.).  The space for Shabbat is larger than the other days, to allow for drawing what’s important on that day.
HEBREW: Our letter of the week is  ל lamed.  Some words beginning with  ל are luach and lulav.  Help your child reinforce this letter by going over the page I am sending home.
During GAMES AND BOOKS TIME, students could look at books or work on Shabbat puzzles.  The students work so well together.
By now, you should have received a “save the date,” for the grade 1 Shema parent-student program on November 20.
Shavua tov!  Have a great week
Judy and Cheryl (Esther and Tzipporah)