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Grade 7 Update

Posted on September 26, 2016

Photo credit:  Stan Hoffman

Gesher is amazing!
Gesher is the Hebrew word for bridge becauseGesher is about the bridge experience; creating personal connections between childhood and being a Jewish adult.  As you might imagine Gesherstudents often wander back and forth across this bridge.  Today, they spent most of the morning on the adult side of the bridge attending the JNF breakfast, listening to the speakers and accepting responsibility to collect pledge cards from the other attendees.  They were amazing!!!
In preparation to be full participants in the JNF breakfast experience, Gesher students began their day learning about JNF (Jewish National fund)’s seven primary project areas:
  • Community building
  • Forestry and Green innovations: including the planting of 25 million trees and support for fire-fighters
  • Water solutions and sharing water technology
  • Cultivate the land:  Research and development
  • Zionist education and advocacy
  • Heritage sites
  • LOTEM:  Making nature accessible
The following short film was shown in class and also during the breakfast:
Since the keynote speaker was Sorin Hershko, a hero from Operation Entebbe, we also learned about Operation Entebbe.  Students viewed the following short video:

After breakfast, we debriefed their experience and they were able to keep the swag: t-shirts, tzedakah boxes, pens…