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Grade 4- Dalet – 1st Sunday!

Posted on September 20, 2016

It was wonderful to meet so many of my students this past Sunday!

In our first group, we worked hard on a name selection process. Now I introduce you to the “Crayons,” a name that I hope inspires artistic adventures and highlights each individual contribution!

We focused on the Hebrew word “kehillah” which means community and all the different communities that we are part of. We took part in challenges and games and we ended with an art project where each person shared part of themselves such as their favorite activities, hometown, and what they love about being Jewish. The same continued for my second group, but they didn’t choose their name yet! We are off to a great start of being a “kehillah”! You can ask the students what “kehillah” means to them and why I think the Torah story of Creation is all about tuna fish. Have a great week!

Jeremy Arcus-Goldberg