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K – Welcome to Kitah Gan

Posted on September 19, 2016

Temple Israel

Dear Silas,

You are about to begin an exciting and fun learning journey as a student in our education program.  We can’t wait for our year to begin in just a few short weeks!  Some things you can look forward to in our class are:

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  1. New friends

2.  Learning Hebrew Letters

3.  Celebrating Jewish holidays

4. Singing and Prayers

5. Hearing great stories from the Torah
Over the course of the year, you will explore the different ways Jewish people celebrate the holidays and Shabbat, learn about and do mitzvot, be exposed to Hebrew letters and their sounds and enjoy some of the stories that we read from the Torah.
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A special day that we will celebrate together as a class is Kabbalat Torah.  This day marks the start of your Jewish learning journey.  We look forward to sharing this milestone with you and your families.
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Being in the Gan Class will help you:
1.   Experience being part of a great Jewish community
2.  Help you learn prayers and songs that you can sing on holidays or at Temple
3. have a great time on Sunday mornings
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We hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer and we can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures when we are together in the fall.

We look forward to meeting you on Sunday, September 18th for our first class together!

The Gan Class Team
Michelle Nelson &
Ann Green