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Kitah Dalet Goings-On

Posted on May 24, 2016

Kitah Dalet has accomplished a great deal in the past few weeks. We explored the story of Ruth and Naomi with an exercise that called for both independent work and group collaboration: the students read a dramatization of the story in their desk groups, and then completed a packet of questions that asked both factual questions, for story review, and larger questions about the relationships explored in the story.

We then moved to a unit on King Solomon. We had a very small class for the beginning of this unit, and spent our time discussing King Solomon’s request that G-d grant him wisdom, why this request pleased G-d, and what “wisdom” means, exactly (for example, as opposed to “intelligence”). We discussed the story of King Solomon’s most famous decree (to two mothers disputing the parentage of a baby), and why King Solomon made the decision to address the problem in this way.

Moving forward in time past the fall of Jerusalem, we ended our class this Sunday with the character of Daniel. The Book of Daniel states that Daniel’s faith in G-d kept him safe from the lions when he was cast into their den; we took some time after the telling of the story to think about and identify “lions” in our own lives, and what we rely on to keep us safe from them.