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Kitah Daled May 15

Posted on May 16, 2016

Today Kitah Daled students practiced singing part of Ashrei.  Ashrei has many challenging words.  Nevertheless a number of brave students sang parts on the own and the class as a whole sang the prayer together.  Go Daled daveners!!! In addition, Daled students learned more about the period of sefirah, the time between Pesach and Shavuot when we count the omer.  We reviewed the fact that this is a rather solemn time in the Jewish calendar, a time when we don’t generally have weddings or huge parties (of course with the exception of certain special days like Israel Independence Day and Lag B’omer).  Students explored the correspondence between the Hebrew letters and numbers as well.  It was surprising to some students to learn that the reason the Hebrew word Chai is associated with the number 18 is that the letter yod is used to signify 10 and the letter chet to signify 8 and thus together they make 18.  Similarly, the word “lag” in the name of the holiday, Lag B’omer, is simply the letter lamed which is equivalent to the number 30 and the letter gimel which stands for the number 3 put together to make 33 for the 33rd day in the counting of the omer.

The counting continues….