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Grade K/Gan Class Update 5-15-16

Posted on May 16, 2016

Hello Gan Class Families,

I have very exciting news to share! Today we leared our final letter.  Our last letter was zayin which makes the sound z- and begins the word zebra.  Even though we have no new letters to learn, we will spend time in each of our remaining classes we will be engaging in activities to strentghten our letter recognition skills.  We will have our popular Aleph Bet centers one more time before the year is through.

In our Celebrations study today, we talked about some the holidays that take place during the Omer.  There are several but we focused on only two, Yom Ha-atzmaut and Lag BaOmer.  Students compared Yom Ha-atzmaut to the 4th of July and were surprised to learn that Israel is only 68 years old.   Everyone went home with their very own Israeli flag. We discovered that Lag BaOmer is celebrated to remind us of a Rabbi that helped Jews to learn even though it was forbidden.  Children would pretend that they were going out for a picnic or out to use their bows and arrows so that no one would know that they were actually going to learn.  We observe this holiday by enjoying time outside.

There was no new Torah Story today, we will read our last new story in June.  We did review all of our Torah stories from the entire year.  I was so impressed at some of the great retellings of our stories.  Students were able to provie the main idea and supporting details for most of our stories.  This is amazing!

As always, please let me know if there are any questions or concerns about the Gan Class.

See you all next week!