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4/10: Kitah Vav: Samuel Skits

Posted on April 16, 2016

This past Sunday, Kitah Vav working on tying tzitzit with Josh from 10 – 11, and had a special program on the origins and intricacies of the chocolate business from 11 – 12. Last week, we worked on dramatizations of the stories of Samuel, Saul, and David. Students were divided into two groups, each of which was given two skits adapted directly from the Hebrew Bible. The skits covered Saul’s coronation, Samuel’s berating of the Israelite people for their desire for a king, Saul’s disobedience to G-d, and the selection of David as the (future) second king of Israel. The students worked independently and with instructor guidance on rehearsing and dramatizing their skits, then came back together at the end of class to present their stories to each other. Once the four skits were performed in order, the whole story was illuminated. The students did a wonderful job bringing color and personality to the characters they played, and I look forward to further exploring the stories of Saul, Samuel, and David with them as we move forward.