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Grade K – Gan Class Update 4-10-16

Posted on April 11, 2016

Hello Gan Class Families!

Our class was so busy today enjoying learning activities for Passover!

The day started with a choice of different cereals.  We were using up all the non-Kosher for Passover foods much like you will do in your own home.

During Teffilot we practiced with Cantor Ken and the rest of the school the 4 Questions and many other songs that might be a part of your seder.

Today’s Torah story described the 10 plagues.  When we last saw Moses, he had communicated with God through the burning bush.  In this story, he and his brother Aaron try to get the Pharaoh to agree to let the Jews go.  Each time he refuses, Egypt experiences a plague.  The plagues made it difficult for the Egyptians to live.  They ruined their water and food, invaded their homes and destroyed their buildings.  The 10th plague was the worst of all.  All of the first born males were killed.  After the 10th plague, Pharaoh told the Jewish people they could leave.  In our next story, we will see how the Jews escaped from Egypt.

There were so many Passover activities to help us better understand the upcoming holiday.  Each student made a placemat that has the order of the seder.  We learned that everyone’s seder goes in the same order.  These placemats are laminated so that they can be wiped off if some charoset or maror spills.  Students experienced the story of Passover through Yoga on the rug. Each section of the story had a yoga pose to help learn through movement.  Super huge thank you to Sarah, our Madrichim Coordinator for sharing this activity with us.  A sorting game helped students understand which foods we can and cannot eat on Passover.  Each student got to pretend to be a Jewish save by building a pyramid with blocks.  Finally, students decorated an envelope for the afikomen.  Hopefully this will help contain any crumbs!

Each student went home with a bag of beads and a string.  There is a sheet inside that explains how to use these items to Count the Omer.  Each year we count the 49 days between the second Passover Seder and Shavuot.  I hope that you will practice this at home by adding one bead to the string each day.  The blessing for Counting the Omer was included on the instruction sheet.  Students can wear their necklaces to class each week where we will reflect on how they are growing and changing.

The next time we are together for class it will be May.  There are no classes until May 1st due to April vacation.    

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the Gan Class.

Enjoy the vacation and have a wonderful Passover!