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Posted on April 8, 2016

Dear Grade 4 Parents,

Please find below the Passover Kiddush and an April HW calendar.  The kids did a great job with Kedusha – it is long with difficult words.  If your child is still working on it, they may continue at their own pace.  The week before Passover, I have listed suggested “things” from the seder for kids to review in preparation for the seder, but anything you decide they should work on is acceptable.  As long as they practice something in Hebrew that week you can sign their calendar.

You may have heard that the kids are now working on earning boxes on a chart.  As each student completes a chart (42 boxes) they earn a small serving of m & m’s – about 42.  They earn a box for each HW assignment completed, each time they call google voice, for each line they read for 100% perfection, each line they chant well, and Shabbat service attendance.  Class behavior also sometimes earns them a box.

Your kids are great!  I love being with them!