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Grade 1 PURIM SUPER HERO March 20, 2016

Posted on March 21, 2016

Dear families:                                                                                                                March 20, 2016

Thank you so much for the delightful mishloach manot bags which Cheryl and I received today. We celebrated Purim in class by wearing our costumes.  I am a bag of M and M’s and Cheryl is Jospeh in his sandals and coat of many colors.  After breakfast and discussion, we took part in tefillah, led by Cantor Ken. We concluded with some Purim songs.

Back in class, we had our Hebrew lesson. This week, we learned about the letter nun נ.  Some  נwords are “ner tamid,” “nerot” (candles), and “namayr” (tiger).  Besides reading the letters, learning to write nun, and reviewing letters with partners, students can use my Hebrew magnetic letters during break.
After snack, we did our first art paper.  “What I will be on Purim.”  Some choices (also worn in the picture I emailed you directly) were Batman, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, a few Queen Esthers, a minion, and Jasmine.
Along with the other classes, we read Purim Superhero.  Nate loves aliens—he reads about and draws them.  Nate wants to dress as an alien for the annual Purim service and celebration.  The other boys will be superheroes and want him to be one, too.  Discussing it at home with his sister and two dads, Nate makes his decision.  As Abba says, “Is Max the boss of Nate?” He learns how Esther stood up for herself as a Jew, by being true to herself, and saved her people.  Nate decides to be who he wants to be–an alien superhero.  The other students agree that next year they will all express themselves.  Our class discussed how Nate should follow his own thoughts.
Students then did an opinion paper, writing and drawing their favorite part of Purim Superhero.
We closed with some Purim songs. 
I enjoyed seeing many of you at the carnival after school. 
Have a wonderful Purim.

Judy and Cheryl (Esther and Tzippora)