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Grade 6 – Trop Update from Cantor Ken

Posted on March 18, 2016

Just a reminder that the students should be reviewing the blessings before (track 14) and after (tracks 16-21) the haftarah, as well as the aliya (Torah blessings, track 12), Torah trope (tracks 1-10) and Haftarah trope (22-31).

They should be able to sing any of these things for you upon request.
We’ve started preparing for our end-of-year Shavuot Torah reading celebration, and I gave the kids a short mini-packet that includes the Shavuot Haftarah.  I asked them to do the best they can to start learning the Shavuot Haftarah, starting with the first few verses that take you to the end of p. 1 (we did the first verse together in class)  They can read the words out loud, sing the trope names, and do the best they can to put these together.
Thanks everyone, and see you soon–
Cantor Ken