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6th Grade/ Kitah Vav March 13th

Posted on March 13, 2016

Kitah Vav was back in action today, still downstairs so that Sydney wouldn’t have to walk up the stairs with her crutches (which we’re all hoping she won’t have to have for too much longer!)

Today, we took a deep dive into what I think is one of the more beautiful songs I’ve ever heard, called “Chazak Amenua/We Stand As One”. This song, which brought together over 50 Jewish artists became an anthem for the Israeli people during tough days of violence in the state of Israel. We learned the Hebrew used in the song, discussed what the song made us feel, why such a song would have been recorded, what it could accomplish, took a close look at the students’ favourite images from the video that accompanies the song, and thought about who this can and can’t be considered a form of prayer and what we can learn from it.

We then looked at We Are the World, another song that brought together many famous musicians in support of a cause, and talked about what the similarities and differences between these two efforts were. A fascinating, fun, and musical day!

Take a listen to the songs below

Josh and Kitah Vav