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Grade 4–Kitah Daled Purim Update

Posted on March 7, 2016

What do we know about Purim?  Students did a “Brain Dump” brainstorming their knowledge of this holiday and our list was most impressive!

A few months ago, we learned about the value of hiddur mitzvah, beautifying the mitzvah , when we studied Shabbat and created our own candle sticks and Kiddush cups.  We began our study of Megillat Esther by learning about the story and looking at a beautiful illustrated megillahtext.  We learned that sometimes artists depict characters or scenes in the story and sometimes they create beautiful borders around the text that exist simply to enhance the experience of reading it.  Students are now in the process of creating their own illustrated megillot(plural of megillah) which will ultimately be rolled like traditional megillah scrolls.