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Grade 4/Kitah Dalet Update – Feeling Proud

Posted on February 5, 2016

Dear Kitah Dalet/Grade 4 Parents:

I am very proud of your kids!  As a whole, they have been great in class with me.  Working hard, focusing, collaborating with each other.  And as a class we have completed 2/3 of Ashrei.  This week the students got a few prayer, Kedusha, as well as a new HW calendar.  They cleaned out their binders and are ready for our next challenge.  Kedusha is long.  We will take it slow.  
Our m&m jar is now full so this week (either Tuesday or Wednesday) we’ll have ice cream and m&ms.
I cannot stress the importance of your children reading for a few minutes nightly – some review and 3-5 new words.  It reinforces everything they are learning and will make your kids feel most confident in class.  With the QR codes set up, Google Voice and homework calendar, I am spending most of class time working with the class as a whole – introducing new words.  Please have you child use the google voice, it will allow me to hear their successes and work with them on their trouble spots.