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Kitah Vav 1/31: Samson

Posted on February 1, 2016

This week, the 6th graders had a sub, Jonathan Shecter, with whom they focused on the story of Samson. They read portions of the original text aloud (Judges 13 – 16), and discussed language and plot along the way to ensure understanding. They then used the story to delve deeper into two topics: 1) Nazirites, and their role and responsibilities in ancient Jewish life, and 2) the character of Delilah, who plays a confusing role in the Hebrew Bible, and one that is difficult to interpret. The students were asked to write a monologue from Delilah’s point of view, seeking to understand (without changing the fact of the story) why she might have done what she did. It was up to the students whether they wished to make her character sympathetic or not. I heard great things from Jonathan about the students’ participation and comprehension, and look forward to discussing their experience with Samson when I next see them.