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Synaplex Shabbat – So Much Happening!

Posted on January 27, 2016

It’s Synaplex Shabbat!
Get ready for an amazing Shabbat at Temple Israel.
(A full schedule is below.)
Youth Programming for Grades K-2 and Grades 3-6.  Michelle Nelson and I look forward to learning with your kids all about the Ten Commandments and The Sweetness of Shabbat.  We promise fun activities, movement and more for your kids while you enjoy some time with just adults learning, davening, meditating, doing Pilates or enjoying a cup of coffee.
Activities for Preschoolers related to the parsha during babysitting!
During the Family Service:
1.     We’ll be using brand new siddurim – thank you to the Temple Israel Board for purchasing new siddurim for our youth and family services.  Come check them out – you will love the layout, font, pictures, and inspirational readings!
2.     When you arrive in the sanctuary, you will find tambourine decorated by a student in our education program.  Last week we read the crossing of the Red Sea and there are several moments in the first part of our service when we sing about the crossing of the Sea.  Since the Torah tells us that after the crossing of the Sea, they Israelites celebrated with timbels (aka Tambourines) we are introducing them into our family service.  We’ll need your help playing tambourines and singing the first part of the service.
3.     Our Kitah Bet/Second Graders will be invited to help lead the Shema.  They’ve been working hand on this with Cantor Ken and Margie in class.  
4.     Our Kitah Dalet/Fourth Graders will be invited to help lead the Amidah.  They’ve been working hand on this with me in class.
5.     Our Gan/Kindergarten class will celebrate a new to Temple Israel lifecycle moment: Kabbalat Torah.  Each member of that class will receive their very own mini-Torah and a certificate.  They have also been working hard on some songs about the Torah.
6.     Our Kitah Vav/Sixth Graders will be reading Torah during the family service.  This week we read the Ten Commandments – COME HEAR THEM!
7.     Everyone will have the opportunity for an aliyah!