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Grade K – Gan Class Update 1-24-16

Posted on January 25, 2016

Hello Gan Class Families!

I am so glad that you were able to safely get to Religious School yesterday due to the one hour delay.

We had so much to do in only two hours yesterday!  

We began by illustrating our This Week On Shabbat pages and finishing our special projects for Kabbalat Torah this upcoming Shabbat. We also met with Cantor Ken to practice some songs and joined the whole school for Tefillot at the end of the day.

In our classroom we discussed Tu B’Shevat.  Students identified some important things that we get from trees including food, shade and oxygen.  We talked about how important it is to plant trees so that everyone can use them even if its a long time from now.  Many students reflected on things that they have planted before.

We are so excited about Kabbalat Torah this Shabbat.  I look forward to seeing you all there!