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Grade 5 Kitah hey Sunday, January 24,2016

Posted on January 25, 2016

A Hi to our 5th grade families!

״and the women dancing with their tumbrels followed Miriam as she sang ………”
Such a fun song!
And perfectly timed for Shabbat Shira!   My girls just love to sing……..
(ummmmm, maybe not so much the boys…)
Midweek we designed our tambourines! 
That was pure fun for all!
Once  they were completed , we had a repeat performance of this very lively song – this time using our tambourines as our instruments!
Beautiful!   And even more fun!

This actIvity was such fun, I promised them we would try to repeat this in time for Passover!
Each could have his/her own timbrel for their family Seder!
We had spent much time discussing the themes of redemption and revelation – from the Jewish viewpoint of course.  Students came up with some great examples of each.  This can be quite a philosophical group for 11 year olds.  Deep thinkers!
(Or as they would say, “we deeply discussed”,     Everything they write had “deeply ” in their sentences.
Just soooo cute!
Several students created some really meaningful sentences, displaying them around the room…..
Who knows, maybe some day they will become famous quotes!
We have been reading and chanting blessings and prayers for the Torah service.  I think they are better readers than THEY think they are.
My main homework request is that each one read aloud to you…….or to his pillow pet at least two  times weekly.  Please remind your child.
Today, we arrived an hour late because of the snow. Thank you Robin!! 
We enjoyed our “life” cereal (thanks to margarit and the gesher class). Had a short discussion of the parshah,  “beshallach”.
My students have been asking to see “the lorax”.
We saw more than half, and will complete it midweek. I love the book…….but I honored their request for the movie,  it really IS a fun movie- with important messages relating to “Tu b’shvat”.
Kids were asked to take notes on important points, and look for Jewish values. 
We will be writing our ideas and discussing when we complete the movie.
We concluded our day with some festive singing for the birthday of the trees with cantor Ken and Robin.
Now, go out and HUG a tree!