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Grade 5/Kitah Hey – Update 12/20/15

Posted on December 21, 2015

Last Sunday, December 13……..
We enjoyed cocoa pebbles for breakfast, and discussed some of the themes in the Torah portion.  Thank you to the gesher class for preparing such thought provoking questions.

This was followed by tefillot (prayer) ……. and songs in celebration of Chanukah.

And then………..our latke and cider party!         With lots of dreidles spinning too!
Back in our classroom, we worked on a Chanukah crossword puzzle.
I asked how they might explain Chanukah to a non- Jewish friend.
We concluded the day with a Chanukah video.

Midweek , after prayer, Hebrew reading, and break, I asked “why are we here anyway?”
What do you think our purpose is on this earth?”
 Science looks at How this world came to be…….Judaism looks at WHY!
Great discussions followed.

And today………
Breakfast was Corn Pops.      Hmmmm, they taste just like kix!……the corn was connected to the corn that Joseph stored for the famine.
A special thanks to Yael from the gesher class for sharing her Torah knowledge!
Once again, time flew too quickly by.  It was time for a wonderful and high energy tefillah with Robin and Cantor Ken.
…….a truly enjoyable and valuable time spent together as community!

We continued our Torah discussion, and then worked on Hebrew.  I am seeing improvement!
We ended our day with the ever popular “Star Wars”.
We looked at Jewish themes and Jewish values.  Most kids enjoyed this and had much to contribute!
….Though there were some that disliked the movie intensely…….
It was an eye opening session about the classic film!

Shavua tov!
And have a great winter vacation!
See you all next year!
Cindy  Nelson