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Posted on December 20, 2015

Grade 1—Kitah alef       December 20, 2015
Dear Kitah alef families:
Today, during breakfast, we discussed family relationships, relating to the Joseph story.  Then we enjoyed tefillah and music with Robin Kahn and Cantor Ken along with the rest of the school.
In our classroom, everyone helps with their weekly job, such as schedule, pencils, Hebrew books, art project, crayons, etc.  The students are very responsible about working together.  Thank you for having such wonderful children!  We appreciate the help of Noah Blacker at breakfast and Ariel our terrific Madricha.
Our Hebrew lesson today is כ “chaf,” This letter does not begin any Hebrew words, but appears in “kochav,” “star.”  After going over the lesson, the children partnered to use my Hebrew review letters.
We read Justin’s Hebrew Name.  When Jason starts Hebrew school, he discovers he doesn’t have a Hebrew name yet. His parents have many names to choose from. His new friends offer many creative ideas to use until his family settles on his name.  The rabbi suggests a happy temporary solution; he will be simha—happy.
Our craft project is a freehand artistic representation of the student’s Hebrew name or a Hebrew word such as shalom, mishpacha (family), or mitzvah. Ariel showed students how to write ahava-love.
The class began reading about Noah and the Ark.  Noah built the ark with his family.  Two of each animal came aboard, then it began to rain.  It rained for forty days and nights.  We talked about doing what is right even when others don’t.  Noah made good choices.  We sang “Rise and Shine.” More about Noah at the next session.
Happy vacation!  The next Sunday class is on January 10, 2016.

Esther and Tzipporah (Judy and Cheryl)