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Human Hebrew Letters and Havdalah!

Posted on December 17, 2015

What a busy week we had in the Gimel class!

This week the letters Tav (ת) and tet (ט) were introduced.  Students had a great time teaming up with classmates to form these letters using their bodies!
Students are doing a great job with their Hebrew reading. They spend a lot of time practicing in class in activity centers and Hebrew reading games.
In our Holidays block we completed our study of Hannukah where students studied the story of Hannukah, and the different food and traditions relating to Hannukah and the Hannukah story.  They also explored Hannukah celebrations in other parts of the world in study groups using parts of the book, Hannukah Around the World.  Of course the highlights were our all school Hannukiyah lighting and sufganiyot during the week, and latkes and dreidels on Sunday.  Thank you to the Men’s Club for the delicious latkes we all enjoyed!
This week we reviewed the concept of Shabbat being a holy time separated from the rest of the week. As a group we made a “map of the week” by listing all our extra curricular activities, then discussed how we enter Shabbat (with candles, wine and hallah).  After looking at some pictures together on Google Images, students agreed that we exit Shabbat and separate it from the rest of the week with a Havdalah ceremony using a braided candle, Kiddush wine and sweet smelling spices.  
Students had a great time making their own Havdalah spices using cinnamon and apple sauce.  I hope you enjoy them!
Next week we will learn to sing some of the Havdalah blessings.
Elana Berelowitz