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Posted on December 13, 2015

Grade 1–December 13, 2015 

Dear families: 

Thank you for the wonderful Hanukkah gifts you gave me today.  I already used the mug.  I am planning a trip to the movies and to one of the restaurants with my husband.  I love to read, so the Barnes and Noble gift card with come in handy.
A busy day today!  Our grade 7 friend Noam Blacker, helped Cheryl and Ariel serve breakfast.  We talked about what is important about Hanukkah and about helping the hungry as Joseph did in time of famine.
We did a Hanukkah review sheet.  The children remember so much about the holiday!
HEBREW:  Our letter for today is ר “resh,” which is the first letter in “rabbi,” Rosh Hashanah, and reglayim (feet).
Then we enjoyed tefillah with the rest of the school.  We pray and sing  together.
Back in class, we read about Adam and Eve.  G-d told Adam and Eve that they could eat any fruit in the Garden of Eden, except for the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  (Genesis does NOT say that it was an apple).  The snake enticed Eve and then Adam to eat the fruit.  When G-d discovered this, he made Adam and Eve leave the Garden of Eden.  G-d still loved them, so He clothed them before he sent them away.  Adam and Eve realized that you cannot hide form G-d.  Students made their own representation of the story.
Our day ended in the social hall, enjoying latkes and dreidels with the kindergarten and grades 2 and 3.  The latkes and cider were delicious, and the cantor’s songs were fun.
I hope that the children enjoy the puzzles and pencils, as my gift to them.
                                                                                    Esther and Tzipporah (Judy and Cheryl)