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Grade 5 – Kitah Hey 12.9.15

Posted on December 10, 2015

Hi all

Happiest Chanukah!

To celebrate our holiday, on Tuesday/Wednesday we took a break from our normal routine to decorate one or two blank CDs as Chanukah decorations……
Hope you liked them.  Your children had lots of fun making them.
Some brought them home, some were left in the classroom.

After break, We talked about the original Chanukah when laws were passed by King Antiochus.
He wanted to force the Jews to turn their backs on our God, and to embrace his ways of life and worship.
He forbade the study of Torah, imposed curfews, made it illegal to keep Shabbat, and forbad circumcision of baby boys………
Each student had lots to say about how he/she would have reacted.
Would you submit?  Or ignore those harsh laws even if it meant paying a fine………..
What if it meant going to jail??  What about at the risk of life?
Kids had strong reactions to these laws.

We then gathered together for a community lighting of chanukiot (Chanukah menorahs).
Each student lit his/ her own menorah.  Cantor Ken led us in the beautiful blessings and songs.
The room looked beautiful with all the lights on the windowsills.
………and it was amazing that the little lights made the room soooooooo hot!

Sunday will be our latke party!

Who knew Hebrew school could be such fun?!?!!

Cindy Nelson