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Grade K – Ann Green – My Day At Limmud

Posted on December 7, 2015

“Intriguing Connections Between Judaism and Psychotherapy” — Best take-away, the poem “There’s a Hole in My Sidewalk” by Portia Nelson.  Look it up!
“Moses: Soul of a Leader” — Actress Annette Miller performed “And This is a Blessing,” a midrash in the voice of Moses.  Very moving.
“Pictures Paint a Thousand Words”, with Gary Kenzer of the media watchdog Honest Reporting, who spoke at Temple Israel last week (and had Shabbat dinner at our house).  A great lesson in how out-of-context and doctored photos are used to defame Israel.
“The 21st Century Jewish Family” — focused on making, strengthening and maintaining connections with family and with those who feel like family
“Public Funding of Anti-Semitism” — NGO Monitor’s Anne Herzberg on the Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic actions of NGOs and the UN
“Chiasms: The Bible’s Dazzling Literary Structure” — how Torah and Tefillot are written in a repetition pattern for clarity and emphasis