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Grade 1 – Cheryl Gelfand – My Day At Limmud

Posted on December 7, 2015

I had the chance today to spend time at Limmud Boston, engaging in Jewish learning. My day included:
  • Learning about the Hannukah story and the history of the holiday from an expert on the subject. We read (translations) of parts of the original texts and discovered that the “miracle of the oil” is not found in those texts.
  • In a discussion answering the question “why be Jewish” based on a book titled John Lennon and the Jews. The author (dragged unwillingly to High Holidays as a child and now living in Israel as a proud Jew) starts with the lyrics to “Imagine” and carries on from there. Such an interesting discussion that I bought the book!
  • Learning from a movement/dance therapist about how movement and our bodies can (and should) be used in praying and in connecting with those around us. Also how those movements and gestures allow even those who cannot speak join in with the community in a way that ultimately speaks to everyone.
It was a great experience and I thank Robin and TI for allowing us to have this opportunity.