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Grade 5/Kitah Hey – 12/3/19

Posted on December 3, 2015

Hi all,
A quick reminder that there is no Hebrew school Sunday, December 6 due to a teachers’ workshop.

Today was quite the gloomy day outside, but we had a sunny time fun in class.
After our enjoyable community tefillah (prayer), we headed back to our classroom.
We practiced our decoding skills via the traditional Chanukah song, “Ma-ot tsur”!
Each child read one full line, and then we chanted it.
Each time another child completed a line, we sang all the lines up to that point.
Suddenly, it was time for snack.

After a short break, we continued with Chanukah. Of course the real miracle is that our small group of committed Jews won the first war for religious freedom.

  I explained the different ideas of Rabbi Hillel vs. rabbi shammai…….
Hillel said we should start with one candle, and add one each of the following nights.
Shammai said, let’s start with eight and subtract one each nite.  Each child chose which side he/she was more comfortable with.  One girl suggested that we switch each day (I was confused too!)
Another suggested each person or family member light one of each – so two chanukiot (Chanukah menorahs) each.  Hmmmmmm…
Kids switched sides as our discussion continued.  They are sooooo cute!

Robin shared with us some beautiful Jewish coloring pages.  Wow, class was quiet and relaxed as we shared personal stories. What they say is true……… Coloring is just as relaxing for adults as it is for kids!
So glad we don’t have to outgrow such a sweet activity!

Have a wonderful Chanukah!