We enjoyed our breakfast cereal, Chex, which kind of looks like a pillow(?)….
representing the cozy rock pillow on which Jacob rested his head in this week’s Torah portion.
Hmmmm, sounds almost comfy!!??!?

Our tefillah that followed was fun and joyful!  I sat with my boys, hoping to keep them a bit more focused.  It KIND OF helped…..
Then back to class for Hebrew.  We are beginning to read and sing parts of the Torah service.
I notice that some of my boys really do NOT like to sing………but they are learning anyway.

Thank you to so many parents for coming to share in our “kesher 13” program.
Kesher means connections.  Our youth will be connecting with seniors.  Respecting our elders is a hugely important mitzvah.  Hoping to see that many of you will sign up!  It is a very rewarding experience!

Just a quick mention of the court case we had midweek.
Every student wanted to be the judge, so we each picked characters from index cards.
Some kids were happy, some not so much……It was such fun…….even though a little chaotic……..
Several students changed the story from the original Toldot as told in the Torah.
Of course there was lots of laughter!
….Hollywood, here we come!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!
And onward to Chanukah!