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From Robin: One of my favorite things 11.15.15

Posted on November 16, 2015

Each Sunday morning, Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon we begin our days with prayer/tefila.  

Our Sunday service focuses on the opening of the morning service – Pseukei D’Zimra/Vereses of song and the Shema. We tend to sing (often with hand motions) our way through the tefila inserting a kavannah – the intention of each prayer along the way.   
Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons we focus on the Minha service which is 3 prayers: Ashrei, Amidah and Aleinu.  
One of my favorite parts of each day is the conclusion of these services.  We sing Oseh Shalom, a prayer for peace and then a younger student and an older student share the responsibility of bringing the Israeli flag to the center of the prayer space and together we sing Hatikvah.  
That moment of an older student and younger student standing together as we sing Israel’s National Anthem is always a powerful one for me.
Classes are dismissed from the sanctuary, we at TI, we don’t just dismiss the kids.  We know the importance of a good transition so each class is sung and danced out to a popular song.  Hand motions are always included and the hora is quickly becoming a minhag/custom.
Parents, you are always welcome to join us!  You voices and presence is most welcome.  Our service is about 30 min.