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Grade 1 – Kitah Alef—November 15, 2015–Hanukkah

Posted on November 15, 2015

Dear Kitah Alef Families:
Today we began our study of Hanukkah or Chanukah. There are two Hanukkah miracles: first, that a small band of Jews defeated a mighty pagan empire, and second, that a small jar of oil could last for eight days.  We learned about eating latkes and sufganiyot (Israeli donuts) because they are cooked in oil.  We began to sing Hanukkah songs, like Dreidel and Mattathias Bold. We went over the blessings and the proper way to light the Hanukkiah, or Hanukkah menorah. 
The first night, say three blessings, including the shehecheyanu.  The other nights, say only the first two blessings.  Candles are placed in the Hanukkiah the way we write Hebrew, but are lit the way we read English, the newest first.
STORY:  We read the book THE FIRST NIGHT OF HANUKKAH, which tells how we celebrate the holiday.  It reviewed the story of the fight for religious freedom in detail–how Judah and the Maccabees rededicated the Temple, how their victory over the Syrian-Greeks (led by King Antiochus) saved Judaism.  We saw how one extended family celebrates with candles, food, dreidels, and gifts.
CRAFT: Our project today is a gift for you—a Hanukkah magnet with a picture of your child from the first day of class.  You might use it on your refrigerator to hold your child’s papers.
HEBREW:  Our Hebrew letter today is כ “kaf,” the first letter in “kippah,” “karpas,” and “kelev” (dog),
We look forward to seeing you learning with us next Sunday at the Hanukkah program from 10:30-12 noon.  We will learn more about Hanukkah and make an oil lantern.
Shavua tov!
Esther and Tzipporah (Judy and Cheryl)