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Grade 1/Kitah Alef – Update 11.8.15

Posted on November 9, 2015

Dear kitah alef families:
Today, the children are bringing home information about a pre-school fashion show fundraiser.  They also have an invitation to the alef program on November 22—from 10:30-12 students and parents will learn the Hanukkah story and create an antique lantern. Please mark the date.  I look forward to seeing you then.
After breakfast, we joined the rest of the school for tefillah with Robin and Cantor Ken.  Robin reviewed some morning brachot, and birchat hamazon (grace after meals).  We also were musical instruments in Hallelu, and we sang the Shema andOseh shalom.  We concluded with Hatikvah.
Today, we welcomed Ariel Steinsaltz as a Madricha (aide) in our class.  She quickly learned our routine and many of the students’ names. 
As the culmination of our unit on Shabbat, we learned about Havdalah, which ends Shabbat, when three stars are visible in the evening sky.  I showed my own Kiddush cup, bisomim (spice) box, and Havdalah candle. Sweet spices are used to show the sweetness of Shabbat and the hope that the coming week will be sweet.  The candle has several wicks to bring together the separate candles lit on Friday evening. 

We read the story Shalom, Shabbat, which told about how our five senses help us to say good-bye to Shabbat on Saturday evening. With our   עניםaynayim” (eyes), we can see the three stars, see the candle flames.  With our יד “yad” (hand), we can touch the braided candle.  Students made a Havdalah candle holder, to catch the drips.
We sang the Havdalah prayers in Debbie Friedman’s version and concluded with Eliyahu Ha Navi and Shavua Tov.
Our letter of the week is ל lamed.  Some words beginning with  ל are luach and  lulav.  Help your child reinforce this letter by going over the page I am sending home.
Shavua tov!
Esther and Tzipporah (Judy and Cheryl)