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Grade 5/Kitah Hey Update 11.1.15

Posted on November 1, 2015

          Is the best way to describe today!

We gathered in the classroom for a learning session about geniza (meaning storage or hidden).
Holy books are stored when they become too worn out for use, or have been destroyed……by floods, etc……
We began with introductions.  We then watched  a short video of another synagogue participating in their geniza ceremony. (Thanks to josh and mark for figuring out the projector system.)
 We then broke into smaller groups for discussion, and questions, comments, and a short dramatization ( thanks Robin!).
Both kids and parents took part.

What an amazing morning we had!
Our geniza ceremony at the Natick Hebrew cemetery was heartfelt and beautiful…….
Thank you to Rabbi Liben for teaching  us that this was NOT a sad occasion, but a happy occasion!
Our sacred books have been well read, and well used.  We have internalized their lessons.
Our holy books have souls, and they have now become part of our own soul.
Jewish people love to learn.  We love our books…….especially our sacred books!

We are the people of the book……in so many ways!

Today was yet another time that I fell in love with Judaism again!

What an amazing morning!
Truly a “she-he-cheyanu” moment!

Just wowwwwwwww!