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Shabbat is an Island in time!

Posted on October 22, 2015

This week the Gimmel class started a unit on Shabbat.  To introduce the concept of Shabbat as a special day separated from the other days of the week, students discussed the quote by Abraham Joshua Heschel, “Shabbat is an island in time.”  In groups students created posters of their Shabbat island.  Next week groups will “show and tell” their posters, and then we will talk about the special things we do to make Shabbat a special day.  Students will review the Erev Shabbat blessings and rituals and talk about Havdalah, the ceremony that marks the close of Shabbat.  

In Hebrew students have completed the second lesson in Alef Bet Quest.  Please have your Gimmel student practice the reading we do in class for about five to ten minutes a day. The best way to become stronger readers is to PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!  Students are also making good progress with their script writing.
The highlight of the week was building Jerusalem out of legos.  Students had a great time constructing buildings and placing them in the Old City.  Thank you to Ellen Koltenuk, Amy Finstein and their committee of volunteers who made this wonderful program happen!  During the week students had an opportunity to see the pictures of their buildings as well as photographs of Jerusalem, and to learn about the Old City of Jerusalem.