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Building Jerusalem

Posted on October 22, 2015

We had a special program on Sunday, as many parents know first-hand: Steve, the Lego Architect, came to Temple Israel to help us build a model of Jerusalem, complete with city wall,
Kotel, Temple foundations, and more.

First, though, we had community breakfast, where we ate together and talked about Noah. What did it mean that he was called a righteous man? What does it mean to be righteous ourselves? We talked about the similarities and differences we might find between being a righteous adult in Noah’s age and a righteous fourth grader today, and found more overlap than we expected.

Then it was down to the social hall to build Jerusalem! Kitah Dalet was integral in helping build the city wall, gates, and houses; it was astonishing to see how well the entire school worked together to create–with minimal instruction–a full and realized Jerusalem. Thank you so much to the parents who were there, too: whether you were building with Legos yourselves or helping to supervise, you were invaluable, and all of us teachers appreciate your support and willing involvement.

When Jerusalem was complete, we were taken on a miniature tour of the city we had created: the four quarters, the Kotel and Temple foundations, complete with menorah (blueprint, it was explained, from Torah), and the many (and extraordinarily colorful!) city gates. Then it was time to break down the Legos. “It took so much more time to build this than it takes to break it apart,” a student commented. Life lessons from Temple Israel.

Once again, thank you to all, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves! I’m looking forward to seeing the Kitah Dalet families again next Sunday.