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Bet Class Update

Posted on October 20, 2015

Second Grade is a very busy classroom!

After a very busy and fun holiday season we  focusing a lot of our energy on learning the Hebrew Alef Bet; both reading and learning how to write in script.  We have learned four letters; Shin, Bet, Tav and  Lamed, and are able to combine them to read some simple words. It is exciting for me to hear the students beginning to read, I hope that you all have had the opportunity to listen to your child read.
In our Torah studies we are learning about the story of Creation.  We discussed the difference between stories that come directly from the Torah and Midrash,  stories often told to explain “gaps” in the Torah.  We heard the words of Bereshit (Genesis) and read some modern children’s books about Adam and Eve.  The kids had great questions and some great ideas about why God created humans (to be God’s partners-or puppets to take care of earth) and how a bit of God may be in each of our hearts or brains.

It was great to see many of you Sunday morning as we joined the rest of the school in building Jerusalem out of Lego.  What a creative way for our students to become familiar with  the Old City!