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October 13th with the Gesher Class

Posted on October 15, 2015

Yesterday we began our monthly Israel learning sessions with Prozdor/Hebrew College.  Ask your son/daughter about the images of Israel and their responses.  They also tackled the Biblical idea of Israel as “ha-makom,” the place. 
When we convened in the chapel we looked at the first parasha (weekly Torah portion), Bereshit.  We discussed God’s identity as Creator and focused on Genesis 1:27, in which God creates man and woman in God’s image, b’tzelmo.  This year, much of our Hebrew study will be linked with our Torah study as students learn vocabulary and practice decoding verses from the weekly parshiot.

This Sunday, October 18th, we will be inspired architects as we build Jerusalem with Legos.  I know that Gesher students will be both amazing builders and encouraging role models for the younger students.