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Kith Hey/Grade 5 Update 10/4

Posted on October 4, 2015

Chang sameach!  Happy holiday!

We started our morning with another catered breakfast.  We enjoyed Cheerios Ancient  Grains, and talked about the grains harvested back in biblical times.

A very special thanks to Ralph and Karen Korenstein for hosting our 5th grade class in their wonderful and warm sukkah this morning!
……and it was their very first sukkah as well!  Pretty exciting!

I know we took the long way, but that only made it more fun!
Besides, I needed the extra exercise……
Parents made sure we took the shortest way back.

Thank you to so many parents for walking along with us as chaperones.
You all helped to make it an easy and relaxed morning.
……..and every one of your children made me …..and you!…. Proud!

Everyone had a chance to shake the Lulav in our own T.I. Sukkah.
When we arrived at our hosts’ sukkah, we recited the blessings we had learned in class,
(To dwell in the sukkah, and the Lulav blessing again)
We recited The blessing over fruit, and enjoyed apples and honey!

I explained the idea of “sukkat shalom” and talked about peace in our world.
We sang the song, “lo yisa goy el goy cherev, lo yilmidu ode milchama (nation shall not lift up sword to nation, we will learn of war no more.)
We sang the English version as well…״neath every vine and every fig tree all dwell in peace and unafraid.   Into plow shares turn their swords, nations shall know war no more”

                 If only…….

Returning to the classroom, I wrote the words on the board, we sang it again.
We concluded our day with a short story and a discussion of being God’s partners, how can each one of us help to create peace in the world.
Please enjoy continuing our discussion at home!

Shavuah tov,

Cindy Nelson