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Gesher is in the Sukkah–Snacking, Learning, Thinking and Creating!

Posted on October 4, 2015

Our Gesher class spent most of the morning in our sukkah snacking and learning excerpts from Pirkei Avot including 5:24 in which the rabbis discuss key milestone events in a Jewish life and 1:1 in which we learn that we are each links in the chain of transmission of Torah beginning with Moses, then Joshua, then…. and ultimately to us!  We thought about those things that link us to Judaism and to the Jewish people and wrote them on foam links.  Students created a long chain of their Judaism-links and draped it on the wall of our sukkah.  The photo shows our class in front of their beautiful chain.

Best wishes for inspirational and joyous holidays–Moedim l’simcha!