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Kitah Daled and The Smallest Kosher Sukkah

Posted on September 30, 2015

According to the rabbis, there are specific requirements for a sukkah including a minimum size.  Our Kitah Daled students constructed the footprint of the smallest kosher sukkah (28” square) and then brainstormed over 45 activities that one could do in this very small space.  One could eat, drink, sleep (with difficulty), pray, shake a lulav, talk to friends, play electronic games, read, write, draw, sing, laugh, sit, dream, kneel,  breathe, do a ‘sit-dance,’ do math, do homework, tie one’s shoes, blow shofar, look outside, smell an etrog, brush one’s teeth, put on a kippah, get dressed, play Hangman, pack a backpack, pet one’s cat or dog, play music, relax and smile.