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Grade 2 Lulav and Etrog Family Program – 9/27

Posted on September 22, 2015

Lulav and Etrog Program
with Rabbi Liben & Cantor Ken

Sunday, September 27th from 11am-12pm

Dear Grade 2 Parents,

As a gift for your family, we have purchased a lulav and etrog set for each of your families and we are looking forward to giving it to you this coming Sunday morning.  (Everyone in grade 2 gets one regardless of where you go to school!)

Please join Rabbi Liben, Cantor Ken on Sunday morning at Temple Israel for a family education program.  You’ll have a chance to meet other families with children in grade 2 who belong to Temple Israel.  Rabbi Liben is looking forward to teaching you how to dance with a lulav and etrog and why the lulav is like a human body (I’m totally serious!).  Cantor Ken has some songs for you too!

Come get ready for Sukkot!  By the way, Sukkot’s other name is Zman Simchateinu, meaning time of joy!  Join us for a morning filled with joy and celebration!