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Kith Hey/Grade 5 Update 9/20

Posted on September 21, 2015

Shalom to the families of my “hey” (grade 5) class!
Our first Sunday was just a great day!
We began with a wonderful “catered” breakfast of cereal and milk….or soy milk…..or dry cereal.
,Kids totally enjoyed it! 
Some of my boys said it made their time at home more relaxed, knowing they didn’t have to gulp down a quick breakfast!
There were lots of smiles!
We were carried away in discussion about the new year, and didn’t notice the time!
No one was checking the clock!  (Yay!)
My Fitbit does not display time unless I press the little button……….but we were all so engaged, the time “ran away”… 
We arrived late to tefilllot (prayers) in the sanctuary!
We’ll try to do better next week.
It was such a positive beginning to our morning!
After tefilllot, we did a simple dramatization displaying respect of one another’s personal space.
From there we created out class rules together.  The students chose our ” kavod code”.
I was quite surprised that even after all the cereal kids still wanted snack!
So………snack time.
From there we wrote prayers for the new year.  Some students wanted to write directly to G-d.
Of course they asked for the address……
I used my personal “g-d phone, and talked to one of his/ her secretaries.
Of course, it is a busy time of year for G-d……
I thanked the angel secretary, and we all said shalom.
After pausing. I explained that the address for G-d is …..our heart, our mind, our soul!
We concluded our day with a “world wide web” using a bigggggg ball of yarn.
I began with an apology for a wrong doing (eating all the tomatoes from our tomato plant!)
We all sat in a big circle on the floor, personal or community apologies, and tossed the yarn to someone at the opposite side of the circle!
Everyone participated………
And asked to go around again.
Marc took pictures……..
The end of a really successful day!
Shana tovah oometukah!