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Ashrei for Grade 4 Parents

Posted on September 20, 2015

Grade 4 Parents,

I am uploading a copy of Ashrei as it appears in your child’s binder and here is the transliteration for those of you who will find it helpful while you listen to your kids practice reading:

Zei-cher rav tu-v’cha ya-bi-u, 
2 v’tsid-ka-t’cha y’ra-nei-nu. 

a Cha-nun v’ra-chum A-do-nai, e-rech a-pa-yim ug-dal cha-sed. 

3 Tov A-do-nai la-kol, 
4 v’ra-cha-mav al kawl ma-a-sav. 
b Yo-du-cha A-do-nai kawl ma-a-se-cha, v’cha-si-de-cha y’va-r’chu-cha.
5 K’vod mal-chu-t’cha yo-mei-ru, 
6 ug-vu-ra-t’cha y’da-bei-ru. 
c L’ho-di-a liv-nei ha-a-dam g’vu-ro-tav, uch’vod ha-dar mal-chu-to.
7 Mal-chut’cha mal-chut kawl o-la-mim, 
8 u-mem-shal-t’cha b’chawl dor va-dor. 

d So-meich A-do-nai l’chawl ha-no-f’lim, v’zo-keif l’chawl ha-k’fu-fim.