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Summary Sept. 16! Hebrew review, a song and establishing class rules

Posted on September 17, 2015

Dear Grade 4 Parents,

This afternoon the Wednesday group and I began to get to know each other.   A discussion and singing of the saying from Pirke Avot, “Al Shelosha Devarim, al ha-olam omeid, al haTorah, alHa’avodah, v’al gimilut hasadim” which means, “On three things the world stands: Torah, service (tefila) and acts of loving kindness” led to deciding that if the world can stand on three things, we can come up with three principals for our class.  We are still working on our list and will need input from our Tuesday friends, but at the moment our three principles and what we mean by each of them looks something like this:

1) Be Respectful: to others (listen, raise your hand and no hitting or physical contact), to yourself and to our environment
2) Be Responsible: for your actions, your words, your belongings, your work and the property of others
3) Be Inclusive & Welcoming: everyone is a contributing member of our community!

Later in the afternoon we went outside and practiced some Hebrew reading and writing with chalk in the parking lot.

Please watch for information about homework calendars.  I’ll be discussing this with the kids on Sunday.

Something to look forward to: Sunday your kids get to meet Hannah Newman!  And we have a guest coming to visit and share a story.