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Posted on September 3, 2015

         September 2, 2015
Shana tova!  Happy New Year for 5776!  I am Judy Azer  מורה אסתר(Teacher Esther) or just “Esther.” This is my second year at Temple Israel.  I have taught kindergarten and grade 1 in area religious schools for over thirty years.  I am currently a public-school substitute at the preschool and elementary levels.  My assistant teacher is Cheryl Gelfand, Tzipporah.
I enjoy working with young children because of their creativity and eagerness for learning.  My class will reinforce the customs and rituals of the Jewish holidays and identity introduced at home.  I aim to create a safe, exciting, and stimulating environment in which students enjoy learning.
 Our three-hour class focuses on the holidays, Bible stories, Hebrew, and Jewish identity.  We will begin with some activities with the other classes.  We will say/sing some of the morning prayers. As time allows, I will lead a brief music session at the close of the session.
As you may know, alef parents bring their child into class and come to the room to pick him/her up at the end of class. 
Please provide your child with a small kosher snack and a drink; we will enjoy these with the appropriate brachot.